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Tastes like something you'd see from CalArts.... ghey...

Oh Jolly Ho The Sun!

I don't want to sound like a buzzkill but Ed, Edd. 'n Eddy takes place in the late 80's early 90's. Fact; In the last TV special (Ed, Edd, n Eddy Big Picture Show) that closed off the series for good, there was a scene in the factory. They showed a calender ending at 1978 and Double D mentioned the factory closed down over a decade ago. Thus revealing the time period the show takes place in.

Ant0on responds:

Thank you and hmmm interesting observation! The stylish clothes of the kids are definitely of the 90's era I always felt, but I could be wrong. I wish A.K.A cartoon would do a documentary on the whole show and how it was made.

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noice game... has potential!

So the littlest Penguin became Kratos.

OH THE CONROLS! THEY ARE SOO SMOOOOOOOooooooth......fix dat shit

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tNava responds:



i give u credit for actually tryin but that sukked ass.....the sound made me think it was recorded from a phone or sumshit... the begining wuz horrible like but u made that go away once u rapped soo ima say is. if u want to make that sound gud. go to a recording studio or sumtin. i'd b glad to hear a better version

thebdboyz responds:

hey man, thanks for the suggestion. were getting a new mic soon(trust me, we know the mic we have is shit), and we were just joking around in the beginning. the three i've posted up so far are just us messing around, we've been working on some serious stuff and im pretty confident in it! Hope youll check back to see our progress!


PM ME IF U A BIGGIE AND JAY-Z luvva! B. I. G. For Life!

projekt77 responds:

i dunno how someone couldnt be a biggie or jay-z fan!

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At first I was like "Damn, this cute girl reminds me of somebody" *click* (took 2 minutes to regain my composure realizing it was crossdressed Cloud)

Still great though. Sadly my dick is confused.

Is it weird I like her dialogue better than the artwork itself! Good work givin me a dem bone hard dick, fam! Shits LIT!

It's a joke on the Japanese stereotype that women get groped and raped in tight stuffy train cars full of people. Nice work on making the artwork legit compared to the show's artstyle.

ragnaroktopod responds:

thank you ! 🐙

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