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First things first, I've been working.... A LOT... not with drawing... well maybe. I've been doing both BUUUUUUUUUuuuuut I haven't worked on "God Damn Faker" since my last post here due to lack of motivation which has gotten worse compared to last year. RECENTLY Though. I have been thinking about it and I believe it's time to get back into it.... I THINK!

So far since I uploaded the two chapters around christmas. I have completed atleast a dozen or so pieces of artwork I've been happy with so far as well as a few animated .GIF's which turned out great! Other than that. I've been spending what little free time I have taking care of my dog and playing games such as Fate/Grand Order, Warframe and Monster Hunter World.

Yeaaah. Life so far for me has pretty much been at a standstill. The only progress I made in the last 8 months was learning to animate simple GIF's, getting a 50 cent raise at my job, and obtaining a 100 or so followers on Newgrounds and Twitter....

So instead of getting depressed. I will be making more stuff soon. Idk when but HEY! I'm alive and well so that's all that matters... right?

P.S. I also have an idea on a youtube series I want to make. Thinking of picking up the torch that a certain someone pissed on and left off... it's a secret until I actually start working on it! :D


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Get caught.

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