It's been soo long...

2017-08-26 08:15:20 by XCaspeRX



I have stopped using Newgrounds ever since I graduated highschool (around 2012). I ended up going to college while working as a deli clerk for a couple years... dropped out and got fire. Worked at some store for  a year, left. Then I worked as a full time hot foods prep for ANOTHER grocery store. Then BLAM! Some shit happens but yet I'm now I'm sorta back on my feet and wanting to do what I've always wanted... To draw. Granted I don't know how long this will last or if I'll be able to set clear goals for my future but I'll figure it out along the way and manage somehow. That's my story... Yes indeed it was quite a boring short story.

But! Now for some news for anyone reading. I will do my best to stay active on every site I post my art up. I have been constantly trying to hone my skills and try multiple art styles along the way of my long journey! I do take commissions if anyone is interested.

Commission Post:

If you do not have a DeviantArt account. Just read the post and send a message to (

Again, It's been so long since I used newgrounds so I'm excited to see what I missed these past 6-7 years. I hope to make good friends and talented people here. Thank you!