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Ech new art ech..

2013-03-04 01:18:40 by XCaspeRX

I'm going to submit some new artwork I made in the past year I was able to submit all of them in my deviantart page so If anyone is interested in checking them out and not wait here, be my guest :3

The link to my profile is in my contact info. If anyone is interested in a collaboration or some kind of shit like that, always pm me or send a note at deviantart. Right now I don't have my own site I'm thinking within a year I should get into that.

Seeya fuckers! :D


2011-11-01 03:48:30 by XCaspeRX

idk wut to do anymore....

Feeling Good

2011-09-10 03:59:00 by XCaspeRX

Work Sucks, Weekend Sucks, School sucks, and Ex Girlfriend sucks! But I'm Feeling Good!

Idk If This counts for anything but comment if you like.

Feeling Good

Fcukin A...

2011-09-02 20:58:55 by XCaspeRX

damn school is startin in a few days. And I havent even done my damn summer assignments... too much time drawing.... -_- '

HERE'S MY DOG! took like 15 minutes...

Fcukin A...


2011-08-31 22:30:59 by XCaspeRX

I hate waiting to be scouted, idk why I'm typing this nobody reads it. lol

P.S. Super Drug Friends Fo Life~



2011-07-21 04:31:34 by XCaspeRX


blunt lighting!

2011-04-22 03:09:17 by XCaspeRX

I beat cancer everyday with a lighter, and a big blunt. I'ma start a fire, starting with the grocery store i didn't get hired. that's what they get now they're all fired.


2010-11-11 19:48:00 by XCaspeRX

Baracka Flocka Flame!


2010-08-01 04:41:54 by XCaspeRX

ive never got things done since last post due to exposure to mary jane and other s#!t... so idfk when I'll be able to submit art.


2010-07-14 01:45:15 by XCaspeRX

well im almost close to setting up my printer/scanner soo I'll be able submit my art within a week. it's gonna taker longer due to some minor difficulties, but I'm gonna get high right now so I'm not ticked.